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Well here it is, I release it yesterday to all my fans and here it is to the mass public enjoy….

Reaper Dreaming Cover Release


Reaper Dreaming

A Reaper Novel

When playing a game between good and evil; love is the only answer.

Hunter doesn’t suffer from a conscience like the other Reapers and he rarely allows himself to get involved in anything having to do with mortals. But there is something about Lailah that is driving him crazy, like stalker crazy. He just wants one taste and then he will walk away.

Lailah has played hard ball with the world and she has been lucky enough to come out on the right side. Most of the time. But like most things you can only play the game so many times before you get a strike.

Hunter just wants one taste. Lailah is hoping to not strike out. Throw in the Tribunal and you have a game where no one is going to win.



Well 2016 is well on its way, and I know I have been MIA for the first quarter. But I have to admit it has been for good reason. I have been working hard on book for and its almost ready. The release date is May 10th, 2016. And I can’t wait to share it with you. The cover release is coming….

But even more important I’m sorry to announce I will only be doing one appearance this year. (unless something crazy happens) But OMG it is going to be awesome. And you are not going to want to miss it.

This is going to be so amazing as of this post (April 2016) I am already getting the swag together and the lucky individuals who get to be a part of the Readers Luncheon!!!! Let me tell you, they are going to get some wonderful, fantastic stuff. Not only will they be getting books, books, books, but they will be meeting me. They will also be meeting Brenda Novak, Kristin Higgins, and Dean Wesley Smith to name a few. So do not miss out on this event.



Also check the Readers Luncheon website for further information.

I promise you will not want to miss out on this event.






In case I’m not busy enough writing and editing and working a full-time job… lol I have agreed to be the coordinator for my local RWA’s Great Beginnings Contest. This is a wonderful contest that is run every year. If you are interested in entering the contest please check out the website here: Great Beginnings Contest

But if you’re interested in working with me and being a judge in the Paranormal category (if you want to judge something else you can do that as well) which I would be forever grateful for the help please follow this link to sign up.  Great Beginnings Contest Judge