INSPIRATION How author Marianne Spitzer finds inspiration

How author Marianne Spitzer finds inspiration

  First of all, I love to write. There isn’t much that is more exciting for me than to sit down at my laptop and see a blank document in front of me. I know that soon the words will flow and the page will be filled. Then a second and a third will be filled and my story is on the run. I love to write. Watching my thoughts turn into a story is exciting.
  I find my inspirations in many places and things. I have a folder full of ideas that may become books one day. I wish I could write them faster, but as it is, I have six stories in different phases of completion now.
  I can look at a picture of an old abandoned castle or house and see the story within. Since I write supernatural mystery, I will see ghosts in every window and horrors behind each door. It depends on which horror or ghost’s tale I imagine most vividly that becomes the story. I may imagine many ideas and the ones I don’t use immediately are written down in the ever expanding idea folder.
  I also pull inspiration from events in my life or an idea that just pops into my mind. My life is not full of ghosts and I don’t live in a haunted mansion, but inspiration can come from an everyday experience. Having an open mind to what might be is where I get ideas. There are times when I have no idea where the inspiration comes from. Personally, I think it’s my muse. I don’t have any other explanation.

  As an example, I do live in an apartment building. We have a huge room for special events or our annual Christmas dinner. At night, the doors are left open, but the lights are off. If I forgot to get my mail before dark or am leaving via the front door, I need to walk down the hallway which leads to the meeting room. It looks like a black void. The hall is bright and then you see a huge black hole. My mind can run amok and think of a dozen things that could be going on in that room from a ghost party to the hiding place of an evil spirit.
  My family often wonders about how my mind works when I can come up with a story on the spot on any subject they choose. Maybe my mind is wired differently or my imagination is wilder. Whatever it is, I love it and it leads me to write which is my passion.

About the author: Marianne  I was born in Milwaukee, and lived there until I was eighteen. Then I spent eight years in Washington state and California before returning to Wisconsin. I love eerie places and books. I began with a love of Nancy Drew books and as I grew I found H.P Lovecraft, Agatha Christie, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle among others. When I am not writing, I am reading or watching sunsets. I have been writing short stories since I was in grade school. Most were in the form of essays relating real life events. Many were purely imaginary trips to magical places and times. I enjoy making up stories about people I meet or see on the street. I can see a story in a picture, especially if the picture is eerie. My imagination runs wild and free. I have self-published a book of essays and a book of children’s stories for my granddaughter, Brittney. Gypsy Spirits is my debut novel and the first in the series of three “spirit” books. I have self-published the second “spirit” book, Annamarie and Magdalena. I also self-published a supernatural mystery, THE LETTER. I plan to have the sequel to THE LETTER out this year and the third “spirit” book available winter 2013/14. From there I am sure my muse will guide me into another story plot.


Kellie, a young college grad laid off from her first teaching job and besieged by creditors, receives a letter requesting her appearance at the reading of Frederick Malone’s will. What could she have in common with the town’s richest man? Curiosity draws her to the will reading where she learns she has inherited a vast sum. The conditions of her inheritance require she change her name and reside in the Malone mansion. Long considered haunted by the residents of Malone Springs, Kellie, her fiancé and four friends move in ignoring the rumors. Strange and frightening events begin to plague Kellie before she moves and grow more frightening once she and her friends settle in. Adopted at birth, her adoptive parents killed in an auto accident leave Kellie to investigate her ancestors on her own. What she discovers leads her into more danger and mystery as she learns the true nature of her biological grandfather. Could his evil deeds hurt her from beyond the grave? Who’s responsible for the strange occurrences? What happened to her biological parents? As one solved mystery leads Kellie into another, she and her friends try to solve them all before tragedy strikes.
This book also contains the supernatural/mystery short story “MEGAN’S FEAR.”


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WOOOO Life is busy

You ever have that feeling life is chewing you up and spitting you out?

  July has been a slightly overwhelming month. And honestly I have to admi
  But it is times like these that I have to remind myself that I am not an author/blogger/book reviewer/vlogger for the money. I do what I do for the love of the industry. Being able to promote other writers in their journey is exciting and fun. It’s not about my personal success but the success of the entire field of reading/writing. And have now stepped back from some of the book tours that I am so well known for, I have decided to consentrate on my book reviews. Blogging and Vlogging about those, plus my wonderful and exciting book club It’s A Book Thing. And last but not least I will be seriously consentrating on finishing book 3 which has been haunting me since early this year. So although I say I am stepping down from several things it doesn’t mean I am going to actually slow down…
   However, that being said I can honestly say that I am glad to be getting some down time and am thrilled to be going to the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas NV presented by Jimmy Thomas, the first week of August. It’s a thrill to know that for several days I will be doing just writting and reading stuff. Something my family would find horrible boring but for me its paramount to Christmas Morning. And there will be so many great authors there. Along with an amazing book fair on Saturday. I’ll for sure be doing one or two posts directly from the conference. If you are going let me know I would love to met up with people who love books as much as I do.
  So what to expect from me in the next month, the August Newsletter will be out next week. My June book read wrap-up video will also be filmed and available the first week of August. And a couple of blogs and Vlogs to be filmed from the Romance Novel Convention plus I am sure there will be a book haul involved.
   On a side note, I will also be starting and working on a new blog/vlog called: Beauty/Heathly/Fitness and Novices’ Bumbling Attempt at a healthy and postive physical lifestyle…wow that was a mouth full. But check that blog out for tips/tricks/horrible failures/humor/and hopefully inspiration.
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t a couple of times I felt so overwhelmed I really didn’t want to get out of bed. But I forced myself to do just that and moved with the punches. So many book reviews and guest hosting spots on the blog this month. I have been so busy promoting everyone else that I haven’t promoted myself at all. And this shows in my sales…. boohoo.

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