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Okay I’m an author, I have written six books, and published three. The fourth book is due out next month. (May, 2016) That being said, the search history on my computer is varied and odd, take into a count that I right paranormal/urban fantasy… and well it gets a little hinky up in the google search bar once in a while. I’ve been known to search for the odd and strange?

Put that together with the fact that I like to think I was a witch doctor in another life and I think I might be coming down with…(go ahead and put in whatever illness is the current illness), me and WebMD. Two peas in a pod I tell’a. Anyway I’m pretty sure I’m on a couple of the FBI watch lists.

I might have once asked my husband in the security line at the airport to check my six, and been pulled out of said line for a pat down.

But here is where I cock my head to the side and think to myself….wha….mosthauntedhouse

I saw this on Facebook, I mean seriously why would you click on that link. Do you want to have nightmares? Are you thinking—boy you know what I don’t have enough of… NIGHTMARES. I better click on this link because what I need is to be sleeping soundly and to be woken up with a horrible nightmare, only to be shaking in my warm bed in the dark afraid to get out because the lord above only knows what is waiting for me beyond the safe haven of my bed to turn on a light and chase away the darkness.

Yup, that’s what I need. I better click on this link.

Seriously people, is this what we have come down to? Links telling us that if we click on this, there is a good chance we will be scared to the point we will most likely have nightmares. NIGHTMARES people.

Why? Why would we do that?

Now, the reasonable side of my brain is saying: Christie the actual chances that this link will cause you to have nightmares are pretty low. However, that being said, the unreasonable side of me? The side that enjoys a hearty undisturbed nights sleeps is saying: Why chance it.

I’m just disturbed that this is where we have fallen, links to nightmares.

Hey that sounds like a good name for a band.


Book Reviews/And being and author…

Book reviews and being an author. Is this a conflict of interest?!?!

  I’ve worried lately about whether I should do both, is this a conflict of interest? Should I do both? Do I have the right to do both, shouldn’t I stick to just writing books or reviewing. 

 And I had to sit myself down and ask myself if I should write reviews? I can tell you this, I’m not going to stop writing my books, being a published author is damn hard and I’m proud to be a published author. And it’s something I have worked toward since I was thirteen years old and I wrote my first draft in pencil on loose leaf lined paper. Before home computers were a norm and laptops were even invented. That first story draft is stuffed in a trunk in my closet, where it rightly belongs, but being a published author isn’t something I am going to give up on so I can continue to write reviews.
 One of the hardest things about being  a published author is getting a review. Any kind of review, whether it be a 5 star review saying your book is the best thing every written, to something which drags your book through the mud saying it was the worst thing the reader has ever read. It doesn’t matter, reviews are hard to take. But I would like to think my reviews make a difference for other authors, and other readers.
 But reading is my passion, and something I do that soothes my soul. And writing reviews on books I read gives me joy. And I like to share those views and reviews with others because I hope to share that joy with others.
 I don’t think sharing my joy and love of reading with others is wrong. (Check out where my obsession with books started.)
 So where do I go from here? What is the answer? I still don’t have an answer… 

What do you think? Leave a comment below, and share with me whether you think this is a conflict or not… 

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