NanoWriMo — The struggle is real people.

So I signed up for NanoWrimo….

What was I thinking?

If you don’t know what NanoWrimo is its National Novel Writing Month. So for the month of Nov. you write 50,000 words. That’s roughly 1600 words a day.

I have signed up for NanoWrimo several times and have never ever finished.

I’m starting a new series and honestly believed that signing up would push me to write book 1.

It’s Nov. 8th, and I’ve written 750 words. 🙁

I don’t know what it is about Nano that first makes me think I can write 1600 words in a single month, but that I can continue that type of writing for 30 full days.

The strangest thing is if I hadn’t signed up for Nano I may have written more words. But the deadline aspect of Nano, makes me worry more about writing and not actually getting any writing done.

Tell me I’m not alone…


Sex Ed and the Modern Day Romance Writer

Sex Ed and the Modern Day Romance Writer

  Knowing the human body before you write about it is paramount. Trust me you need to stay current on your education even when writing love stories.
  It doesn’t matter if you don’t write erotica, or explicit sex scenes understanding the working parts can mean the difference between how a man holds a woman in a loving embrace to a choke hold.
  Even if you write sweet romance understanding the fundamentals of a heated look and how it will make someone feel in a biological way instead of a physical. Making your writing JUMP off the page, make your readers feel it, believe it, fundamentally understand it.
  Confession Time…In a former life I sold adult toys and products. Doing this; I was taught and learned more about the human body and sex then any one person ever needed to know. But in doing so I learned and changed and boosted my sexual writing to a different level.
  My characters, and readers benefited immensely, I don’t write erotica (and not because I can’t haha), because I knew exactly what was going on with everything not only below the waist but above the waist as in the mind as well.
  The human body is an amazing thing ladies and gentleman and staying current and learning something new about the human body every single year will keep your writing fresh and modern plus it will bring your readers coming back for more.

  How do you keep your sex scenes current and fresh? Leave a comment below.

(Christie teaches Sex Ed and the Modern Day Romance Writer at conferences and writers workshops it’s a funny and interactive workshop, if you’re interested please contact her.) 


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