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Snippet Sunday — 09-06-2015

Well it’s Snippet Sunday and I agonized over what I should do. Should I do something from a past novel or from book 4…
And lucky lucky you I have decided to share a little of book 4 with you.

Hunter looked down the dark hallway and swallowed the past the urge to break the man in half. Treachery was wrapped around the Guardian and he wanted nothing to do with him but to throw him into a pit in the ninth level of the Infernos. First though he would need to get whatever he was betraying and turn it over to Dante. Then the bastard belonged to him.
Hunter checked behind several doors but found nothing interesting. James finally pushed past him, “Last door, dumbass.” James snapped, pushing past him. Hunter was going to enjoy making James scream.
Hunter followed him into the last room and stopped short. “Who is she?”
“None of your business.” James spat.
Hunter grabbed the Guardian and pinned him up against the wall, “Who is she?” he growled.
James sputtered his eyes wide. “I’m not telling you. She belongs to me. I will only tell Dante.”
It took everything Hunter had not to shake the hell out of him, or kick the shit out of him. But Dante had sent him to answer the Reaper call. So few people used the damn think anymore.
Hunter threw James to the floor and walked to the bed, the woman looked unharmed. She was beautiful, light skinned and blonde nearly white hair curled around her face. There was something very light about her. Hunter couldn’t place her Other side. But she was light if he ever saw it. He growled and turned back to James, “Are you her Guardian?” he demanded.
James had pulled himself to his feet, “I refuse to say anything else. I will only answer to Dante now.”
“You’re an idiot.” Hunter told him. He picked up the woman gently and turned back to James as he started to argue and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. Without warning he Flashed them to the Infernos.

James landed on his knees, which was a good place for him to be. 

I hope you enjoyed Snippet Sunday!!

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Sunday Snippet

With the release of Reaper Mine yesterday I thought it would be appropriate if today’s Sunday Snippet be from Reaper Mine. ENJOY!!!!

“What’s it like in the Infernos?” she couldn’t help but ask.
“Home,” he whispered.
“That doesn’t answer my question.”
“It’s a feeling.” He released her and placed a hand just below her collar bone. “Just
here, a warmth that seeps into your soul. Warms you from the inside out. Makes you
heavy and light all at the same time because you know it is where you truly belong. Then
the colors burst before you like an artist’s palette exploding, oranges, reds, yellows,
purples and blues and black flowing through each other to the point it’s almost painful to
watch but you can’t look away. Because you know if you look away you’ll miss the most
amazing thing you’ll ever see.”
“The Infernos are a contradiction, Elle.” His voice caressed the skin of her cheek. “It
is the most beautiful and horrible thing you will ever see in all your existence.”
She turned into him, so his lips brushed against her jaw. And they both caught their
breath. “Why?”
“One moment you will see colors race across the sky that will take your breath
away.” He ran his thumb along her collarbone and Elle leaned toward him farther until
his lips connected with hers. Victor moaned, and pressed closer capturing her lips with
his. Elle didn’t think she had ever been kissed like this before. Colors cascaded through
her brain as Victor deepened the kiss.
As his lips pressed hers opened, reds, oranges, pinks and purples flooded her brain as
his tongue swept into her mouth. He tasted of exotic forbidden fruit. And she soaked it
deep into her bones. Elle wrapped her arms around Victor sinking into him, anchoring
herself to him. She felt safe this close to him and didn’t want to let go. How had she
come to trust him, this Reaper, in so short a time?
Elle pressed herself closer to Victor wanting the kiss to go on forever. Wishing it
would erase all the darkness surrounding them. She wanted nothing more than to drown
in those colors Victor painted of the Infernos, wanted to drown in Victor. But she knew
this was fleeting, he was a Reaper and her life was limited to snatches of life and death.
One moment here, and then those horrible bone-breaking and soul-stealing moments of

Get your copy today.