4th of July

What are your plans this weekend?

downloadSo it’s a long weekend, a holiday weekend. And while most people are planning BBQ’s and holiday parties, and fireworks. Authors, and readers, and introverts like me are wondering how much reading, writing, and other indoor type activities we can get away with. Please tell me I’m not alone and tell me I am not the only one wondering how I can get away with getting away with not participating in all the outdoorsy type of activities being planned for this weekend? All I want to do is stay inside and write and read? Well, I really should be editing, and writing. But I’m going to throw some knitting in there to.

I’m an introvert and author for the love that is all holy. I’m not meant to go out in the heat and the sun.  I don’t mind the fried food and ice cream, but can I just have that delivered, please?

Oh the life of the unappreciated write, it’s so tough sometimes.

But that being said. May I wish all my fans, and their respective families a very happy, healthy 4th of July weekend. Be safe my friends. And you don’t live in the US, have a happy and safe weekend any.

Much love and happiness to all. Christie